We believe that  the nature surrounding us is a part of who we are, Therefore we also believe that nature is for everyone. It is the place where we push our boundaries, overcome our fears and evolve as human beings. 

What we want is to share our passion for the great outdoors by offering genuine and unique outdoor experiences that make the fantastic nature around us accessible to everyone. By taking care of the boring part (planning, logistics etc.) we hope to make the leap into the unknown (aka the fun part) a little bit easier for you. Join us on one of our adventures or contact us to help you realise YOUR outdoor fantasy!

Welcome to our backyard in the amazing wild north of Sweden and Norway!


We are Daniel Larsson and Samantha Karlsson; a couple of adventure enthusiasts who love spending time in the mountains and enjoy the simplicity of life up high. The mountains of Narvik and Riksgränsen is our home and playground and we really hope to share it with you!

We are both certified Mountain and Adventure leaders asserted with the Swedish ''Fjälledarnormen''. 

Other certificates:

  • NOLS WAFA (Wilderness Advances First Aid) certified
  • SVELAV Pro 1 (Swedish Avalanche Society)
  • NF (Norwegian mountain sport association) course in Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue 
  • C2 Rope Access Adventure Parks
  • EPP (European Paddle Pass) white water kayak/nordic sea kayak
  • EPP green level Tourguide sea kayak

Guide Daniel Larsson

Previously Daniel has spent his summers working as a MTB guide and bike mechanic in both Sweden and Norway. During the winters he has been working as a skiguide in Norway.

He enjoys spending time in the mountains, mostly on his mountainbike but also on foot. When he is not working you will find him touring the mountains with skis on his feet, enjoying a good offpiste run or exploring new epic singletrack on his mountainbike.

Guide Samantha Karlsson

Before moving up north Samantha has spent her time guiding horsebackriding, hiking, kayaking and glacier walks in the mountains of Sweden and Norway.

She also spends most of her free time in the mountains, during the summer in running shoes and during the winter in ski touring gear. Life is definitely better up high!